Before I get started, I am going to remind everyone one more time, if you have not got your ammunition for hunting season get it now while it is available.  I know that there seems to be plenty of bullets on the shelves, but it was the same way last year then around mid-August what appeared to be a boon suddenly became a Bain as inventories quickly dried up and by late October shelves were empty.  Putting away a couple of boxes now can save heart wrenching anxiety for those hunters who do not do their own reloading.  And while you are at it, its time to start spending time in the woods scouting areas for prime deer.  The boys are in velvet and the racks are growing (evidence that QDM and food plots work) and we are seeing lots of nice bucks being picked up on trail cameras; unless you have an 8 point practically living in your back yard you are seeing regularly.  Heeheehee!

                Now, there is some idiot wandering arounds Washington spout that there is no such thing as an “absolute right.”  Unfortunately, there are more and more political types who choose to echo this absurdity and the late Justice Scalia gave their argument some legitimacy when he found that government has a right to create limitations on what an individual can own in the way of firearms.  I respect the man’s legal mind but, in this case, I believe, he was dead wrong.  The never elected governor of New York is constantly wailing that the constitution was “written for muskets.”  But what else would you expect from a window licker who answered a reporter’s question about gun violence statistics in “gun free zones” with an arrogant answer of “I don’t need to see the data.”  Hopefully New York will dump her dumb ass in November and take a step towards rejoining our constitutional republic!

                Getting off my tangent, I want you to make sure that any hunting ammoperforms as it should – take some it to the range and make sure it works properly in your firearm.  There are pockets of complaints about the quality of the ammunition in the market.  There have been problems with consistency of performance within boxes of new ammo, in the past such complaints have been observed between manufacturing batches of bullets, but radical shifts in performance within a single box (or even a batch) should not happen.  Remember that if it doesn’t sound right or feel right when it goes off there may be a problem that needs to be checked before the trigger is pulled again.  Always remember SAFETY FIRST!!

                One of the biggest issues with ammunition is the quality of the components used.  We are seeing more ‘hard primers’, in other words primers that don’t ignite when struck by the firing pin; and we are not talking about what would be considered “cheap range ammo.”  And there is also a notable rise in the number split casings we are seeing on the range.  The probable cause if this is the poor quality of brass we are being forced to import since the EPA started shutting down the foundries.  Adds to that that lead for projectiles has to also be imported and you see government’s hands all over trying to strip our Second Amendment rights.

                Which brings us to the AR-15 and the production of ammunition for it.  Back when that other guy was president, the one before #45, his administration discovered that if you throw enough money in the right direction, you can empty the civilian market of otherwise readily available bullets.  Remember what it was like trying to get ammo following the New Town massacre.  It took three years to recover from that fiasco, and we have diminished lunatic that is itching in his loins to pull the same stunt again!  He wants to ban the sale and possession of this platform so bad he can taste it, and they have already made overtures to stop the largest manufacturer of AR ammo and quit selling it in the civilian market.  And that corporation is probably taking a long hard look at what happened to Colt when they refused to stop civilian sales of the M&P-15 because it was such a large part of their market.Biden’s presidential daddy didn’t beat his chest and shut down the corporation (not that he could of), instead the government canceled all the outstanding contracts they had with Colt and drove them into bankruptcy.  And I would not put any of that past the current political class that has forgotten they were elected by the people and not appointed by God!