My Fellow Patriots and Riders,

“Common Sense” Where has it gone? Let’s take the hot topic (not the store), Guns. Common Sense should tell you if you tell your gun to please stop the intruder in your home from killing your loved ones it’s not going to happen. Why, because a gun is an inanimate object it would be like telling your fork not to put that cake in your mouth because it will make you fat (we do lead the world in obesity). It’s not the object’s fault for doing what it was designed to do. The blame (which it seems these days everybody wants to point a finger) lies in the person holding the object. We have over 20,000 (yes 20,000) laws on the books concerning guns and it still hasn’t stopped the person holding it from doing what they intended to do. Just like a fork if you intend to eat that cake do you think 20,000 laws on how to use a fork will stop you, I think not, you’re going to “pull the trigger” and eat that cake (or pie or whatever else your sweet tooth tells you to eat), which in turn will make you fat or give you high cholesterol or diabetes. Common sense should tell us we don’t need more gun laws, people with mental instability are not going to follow them anyway.

People who are overweight should put the fork down and pick up an apple (I need to follow my own advice). We have lost more than common sense in America today. We lost the innocence in our children, our ability to communicate in person, we depend too much on babysitters, TV, video games and the internet to raise our kids.  Have you ever noticed how much violence are in the “games” kids play today?  It’s no wonder they think guns are like toys and there’s no consequence to using one. Maybe it’s time we put down the fork, pick up an apple and if you have a gun teach your kids the safe way to use it. You never know, instilling some common sense into your kids (or grandkids) may be the difference when there’s an intruder in your house (like knowing what and or who the target is) and you’re too overweight (from too much cake) to do anything about it. Common sense is vacant in politics today from the White House to the Governor’s office and right on down the line. It scares me to think we may be electing officials that lack 2 things; Life Experience (too young) and Common Sense. If you keep hiring the cheapest contractor (to build our roads) you get cheap roads. Common sense says “You Get What You Pay For”. In my opinion, we need life experienced leaders with common sense, because with experience comes wisdom (no wonder my dad was so smart). Elections Matter.

“Experience is What Separates Knowledge from Wisdom”

Be Safe and God Bless!

earl lackie

Earl Lackie