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Any of you that have actually read my column, or have seen Ridin’ w Brendan episodes have undoubtedly heard me mention Diamondbacks MC. They are a great club from my area in which I have many friends. While I am not a club member I feel extremely welcome there and consider many of their brothers, mine as well.

   This past month one of the DBMC’s members, Kool Aid, was told his nephew who had been diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease at age five was informed he only had a few weeks with us. It is never easy to hear about a loved one’s time coming to an end but it’s just seems so fucking unfair when it is a thirteen year old kid who hasn’t yet lived life not to mention battling a disease since age 5. I was present when Kool Aid and Oops were granted their “full patches” and for me it was the first time I had been present when a Prospect was given the honor, I have a lot of love and respect for both of these guys and I will remember that day almost as much as they will.

 Kool Aid’s nephew’s Aiden LOVED motorcycles and Kool Aid wanted to put on a ride for him. With nobody sure how much time was left he put out the word. 

With only a couple days’ notice, word spread like wildfire and close to one hundred bikers showed up for Aiden and on a Wednesday.

    What other group or community shows up like that? For anyone? Honestly I don’t think there is another group of individuals that show up for each other and the community more than bikers. While it is true that not every biker is your brother it is true that the bikers can show up for a fellow biker’s nephew even if just to offer some smiles.

  Sadly, Aiden left this life to be with the Angels on August 15th. He will be remembered as a Warrior. Aiden, his family and friends and everyone that knew Aiden will be in my prayers. Everyone in the Reasons to Ride family offers their condolences to Aiden’s family. 

 Again I am humbled and proud to be a part of the community that does so much for so many and is usually unsung and misunderstood.  Until next time