Steel Saddles! I had been looking forward to this event since winter. Reasons to Ride was in the loop from the planning stages of this one so the anticipation had built steadily throughout the year.

It’s tough to know what to expect with a first-year rally.  I did know that the ladies hosting it have a plethora of experience hosting large events, so I wasn’t concerned about it being a shitshow.  I knew they were on the right track when I started hearing the names of the bands coming for entertainment.

Sponge, Tantric and Jesse Cain as headliners sign me up!

With the event starting on a weekday and my vacation days dwindling, I couldn’t make it to the first day and my beer league hockey playoffs starting, I couldn’t go Friday which bummed me out because that is when Sponge was playing, and after seeing them at Ohio Bike Week, I was stoked to see them again.

 I woke up ready to go! I grabbed up Michelle and off we went. When we pulled in it was good to see the familiar faces of my friends that I see at the events. As Michelle and I made our way to the Reasons to Ride trailer we were taking in the set up and the area.  Shoutout to the Tribesmen MC for offering their property for the event after the fairgrounds didn’t pan out.

DSC 9485
DSC 9486

 We made our way past the bar stool races and found a spot to park. Jumped out and was quickly greeted by my friend Hobo Bud. You know your event is going to be big if Bud makes an appearance. Bud is always a familiar face and a brother we can all pick out of a crowd. If you haven’t ever spoke to him, you should. The guy is living the life! He embodies the “biker lifestyle”. Be sure to look for the stones he hides around events all around the state and when you see him buy a patch and get a pic! He is super laid back and approachable. He is always eager to stop and take pics or answer questions and shoot the shit. Just an all-around solid guy  (look for more about Bud in upcoming issues).

DSC 9467

After spending more time visiting the crowd. Hugo, from Tantric came up and said hi after recognizing me from SOMEWHERE! I thought it was great that a star knew ME of all people. Michelle and I spent some time talking to him and the guys from the band, even convincing them the photobooth was a good idea.  What a SUPER down to Earth, bunch of guys. Seriously can’t say enough good things about them. They put on a GREAT show that night and to be that close to the stage and have got the chance to interact on that level with them was amazing. It wasn’t because I was in a magazine or anything of that nature, they were available to everyone to talk to! 

DSC 9560

SOMEHOW I got ahold of a microphone and was asked to emcee the wet t-shirt contest (did I say I love my job?), which was incredibly fun for the girls, who were just great sports and had only positive things to say to each other during this. There were no real losers.

DSC 9532 1

 I spent the last part of my night hanging out with a couple Tuscola County Sheriff Deputies shooting the bull. These guys were respectful and professional, but I didn’t want to stay with them longer than a conversation!   

DSC 9539

My opinion for what it’s worth, Steel Saddles’ first year was a good time. While the turnout wasn’t on the level of say, Rebel Roads, it was still solid. Especially considering it was competing with Harley’s 120th Celebration in Milwaukee and the Faster Horses Music Festival all the same weekend.  And most importantly, everyone there seemed to be having a lot of fun.  If the girls decide to make this an annual event, I recommend checking it out! Stop and see Bud if you’re out and about.  Until next time!

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