Riding With Brendan

Riding With Brendan

I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday Season! Here I sit less than a dozen days to Christmas realizing this will be in the January 2023 edition! I am sitting in my office planning a few things for next year and I got to thinking about the Bikers Food Drive I was fortunate to be a part of. This drive collected donations from after Thanksgiving until December 13th.

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            I got the heads up about this from my friends Groot and Radio. They had the Thanksgiving collection and wanted to know if I wanted to help get the word out on the Christmas collection. Absolutely I did. Not only did the clubs from the first one come through again but several more joined on and several businesses as well! I figured the perfect opportunity to spread the word was to start up the ‘Riding with Brendan Podcast’ that had been discussed  for awhile. With the plan rolling we set up and recorded the first episode featuring the Bikers Food Drive. It seemed like everyday another club or business was jumping on board as drop off location.

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             It was truly amazing to see so many in the bike community coming together for such a great cause. With Groot and Radio leading, all the brothers from all the different clubs worked together to collect food and help load the truck. The biker community came through in a big, big way for the Greater Lansing area food pantries. It goes to show not only are the negative stereo types that are sometimes associated with bikers incorrect but it seems we are always leading the charge to help the less fortunate whenever we can. Just another one of the many reasons I am proud to call this community my friends. Well done. Until next time