So It Begins

So It Begins

Well FINALLY!  Here in Mid-Michigan we had a run of amazing riding weather (immediately followed by snow but I’m focusing on the positive) I got my bike back ready to go from the guys at 508 in St Johns and I took full advantage of the warm weather. It was like we could breathe again and the sights and sounds of all the bikes out made it seem like mid summer.

   Already having some rides and events on the calendar made me appreciate the weather even more.  Most of you I assume, have heard of Autorama in Michigan in downtown Detroit. It’s held every year close to spring and they have a goos showing of cars, trucks and of course bikes of all makes, models and years. What you may not know is that Ohio has a similar and dare I say, BIGGER version of this event called Piston Power Show in Cleveland every year. As I have learned the Reasons to Ride Ohio team runs the bike show at this event and has quite the presence there. I was invited down by my editor Derek to check it out. Low and behold I was free on the Saturday. I grabbed up my girl and made there three hour trek southeast.

             The event is held at the I-X Center right next to the Cleveland Airport and if you have not seen the I-X Center it resembles a big airplane hangar on one side and almost an Ice rink from the front. Sherise and I made our way in and found the Reasons to Ride crew and set up. It was good to see everyone again it had been since Ohio Bike Week last year since I had seen most of the Ohio crew. We spent a couple hours walking around checking out all the incredible cars. While I am not a car guy by any stretch of the imagination I can definitely appreciate the time and effort that goes into these builds not to mention the money. Once we got back to the motorcycle area I quickly noticed a familiar trike low and behold my buddy Harold whom I met up at Easy Riders Rodeo in Fowlerville last year. What a solid guy. We chatted with him a bit when Sherise noticed her outfit matched a chopper in the group and we ventured over to ask the owner if we could snap a couple pics of her in the saddle. The owner(whose name escapes me, very sorry about that.) was more than happy to let her on for a quick round of pics. We spent the rest of our time at the event chatting with bike owners and the Ohio Reasons to Ride crew then departed for the ride back to the Mitten.

            A little more than a week later kicked off the charity ride season in the Metro-Detroit area. We met up with Shelly and the crew from Michigan Biker Law at A.M. Leather in New Boston for the ride to benefit Golden Key Camp, Bikes and Battle Buddies as well as Zero Duck Thirty.(First one of a series for these organizations check Reasons to Ride website for more info) After spending the morning seeing a ton of familiar faces, speaking and hanging out with the hosts, riders and vendors I had to head to the Greater Lansing area for a bit more of a somber event. It was time to take my buddy ‘Old School’ to his final resting place. It was nice to see some of the faces since it had been since last season since I had seen some of em I wished we were together under happier circumstances. After the ride everyone met at Old Schools house for some food and stories then went our ways eager to see everyone again soon.

            As I am typing, my thoughts can’t help but wander to the incredible pace that bike accidents are happening this season ALREADY. While we all know and have to accept the hard truth that goes with our passion to ride which is, we inevitably lose a couple of our riding brothers or sisters every year and more times than not its due to the negligence of others. As early as this season is I can’t believe how many people I know and heard about passing away in motorcycle accidents. Its way too many. Keep your head on a swivel out there you are my people I don’t want to lose any of you and if you’re a cager pay extra attention this is crazy!

             The season is upon us suckers LETS RIDE!!! Until next time…

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