April Showers bring May…

April Showers bring May…

BIKE BLESSINGS!!! Oh yeah!! Time to roll ‘em out and get in line for the Season of Blessings coming your way! So many are open to you in all areas around the State! Starting on Saturday May 6th at No Cages in Plain City. May 7th in Lima at Shawnee UMC, bikes roll in starting at 9am, come early, it fills up fast. These are only a couple I have on the top of my brain, but there are more in Dayton, Cinci, Cleveland, Toledo all over Michigan and our CMA Brothers and Sisters will be there to pray over you and your machine as a covering for the Season!! What happens if you miss out on one?? NO WORRIES!! We are always out and about somewhere and when you see us, ask us (if we don’t ask you first!) and we will stop what we are doing (if possible) and go with you to see that you are covered! We are always here when you need us!

That reminds me of a story…I’m told that a sheep is the dumbest animal on earth. But yet, it is the most trainable. When it is raised from birth by its shepherd, it is taught to listen to only one voice. It understands who feeds, protects, shelters, and keeps it. So, while it may be the dumbest of animals, it is the most well trained and will not usually wander too far.

What happens if it does wander? I mean, there have been times when you hear about a little one getting away from the mama and wandering away. As a matter of fact, there was one that was told about in the book of Luke, chapter 15:4-7. The Shepherd had one hundred sheep out in the wilderness, one got lost. He left the ninety-nine and went out to find the one and when he did, he laid it on his shoulders, rejoicing that he had found it! That’s how Jesus feels about us! Because He is the good shepherd! And in John 10:11, He says, “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.”

Now hold up…don’t be stopping here and saying, “Did I just hear you call me dumb?? You just called me a sheep!” Hey…better a sheep than a goat! You don’t want to be a goat! I will leave that for another day. Being a sheep is a good thing! Think about it…not only are we teachable, but we can also be led. And in that leading, we can be trained to lead. When we pay attention to the Shepherd, when we heed His voice, our lives are made so much simpler. Life is already one big roller coaster ride after another and when you add in the big bad wolf around every corner, it seems you can hardly breathe from one moment to the next. So why not get out in the field with the rest of the flock and be sheltered from all of that when it comes pounding in? It’s going to come regardless, but at least under the protection of the Shepherd, you have a greater survival rate!

So, here’s the wrap: Don’t be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you will be spotted a mile away. Be real with others, be true to yourself, and accept Jesus for Who He is, the Good Shepherd of your life, waiting to lead you into great things if you let Him!

Jesus ‘n’ ME will see you in the wind!

Mary G.