CMA Corner May ’24

CMA Corner May ’24

Be what you is….

This statement has been used numerous times over the years, even to include it in many articles. The truth is that in this small little statement is a big reality, isn’t it? How can one be something they are not? How can we be one way at home, and another way in public? There’s an old saying from long ago that states, “A leopard can’t change it’s spots”, this being stated about those that have lived a certain way and acted a certain way to the point that they probably will not ever change. Kind of sad, really. To think that no one can change or worse yet, to think that even if there is a change in anyone, no one will accept it. Does that mean we are all hopeless? Absolutely not!

I am a blue jean, boot wearing, t-shirt comfortable, leather happy kind of a girl. I enjoy the speed and sound of my motorcycle bursting through the wind. Warm summer nights and a good thunderstorm when I am not on the bike. A dress can be worn periodically as well, however when I do, everyone says, “Wow, Mary is wearing a dress!” Shocking…even at church. However, it doesn’t make me any different than who I am in jeans. Way easier to ride in jeans, though…can’t brake well side saddle. The point is the person is still the same. Still enjoy the ride, still love my Jesus.

So that brings me to another portion of thought. It’s often said that Bikers cannot be real Christians, and Christians cannot be real Bikers. Most Bikers believe that if they come to Christ, they immediately have to turn in their riding gear. I didn’t. The change happened inside, and it didn’t matter what I chose to ride, what mattered is who I chose to serve.

The great reality is that when I was not serving Christ, I was not being who I was created to be in the beginning. The spots, so to speak, were added with each misstep that I had taken in life and when reality hit, the spots were erased because of the One that bled on the cross. So the change on the inside began to shine through on the outside and while a lot of old friends still welcome my presence in the crowd, they know there’s a difference from the one who was and the one who is today….and because they know it’s better than before, they know I am who I say I am because of the One who lives inside of me. And I happen to think He loves to ride too!

May is Motorcycle Awareness month and I know we will be seeing many of you on the State Capital steps in Ohio on May 4th while we do our Run for the Son ride joining ABATE Awareness riders and then again on May 5th at the Shawnee Bike Blessing in Lima, Ohio. Bikers making the world aware of us and Jesus making Bikers aware of Him. See the beauty of the circle there?

It’s time to go now…Thanks for letting me share my heart with you. You are an asset to the world around you, more importantly, you are very valued in Christ and He accepts you just the way you are when you accept Him for who He is.

See you in the wind…

Mary G.