So what does that mean?

Reasons To Ride is a cooperative effort involving promoters, tech guys, some old school bikers, racers, at least one Pastor, and even a few hockey players/addicts.  Our team includes a few folks that have worn the badge and a few that might have “crossed the line” once or twice in the past.  It’s an interesting group of folks with a WIDE VARIETY of backgrounds.. how wide?  Well, that’s a tale for another time.

What has brought us all together?  A belief in a unique business plan built around serving the riding community – and by extension our own local communities.  We support local charitable organizations, businesses, and even families or individuals in need.  We do this by creating a means of easily and cost-effectively connecting riders and even total strangers with those with a message for them.  It might be about a service being offered, an event the public is invited to, a destination to visit, or a call for help.

Whatever the message, we offer the means of connecting with THOUSANDS of folks for as little as $20 or even a dollar in some cases!

Sure, it’s a business – and some of us are supporting our families with it, but nobody is getting rich along the way.  That has NEVER been our goal.  We charge a reasonable rate to businesses and even less to charitable organizations and those trying to help others.  We believe in “Walking Worthy” as an approach to life, and maybe even as the cure to a lot of the craziness that seems to be going on in the world these days.  This concept has evolved in various forms for over 15-20 years in some cases, but we’ve brought it all together now in Reasons To Ride.

We’re able to do all of this through the support of key business partners and volunteers from within the community.  We partner with various riding organizations – helping to get their message out as they help to get our magazines out.  And we offer an extremely cost effective means of allowing dealerships, insurance companies, and other businesses to connect with THOUSANDS of riders – from an established platform that has earned the respect of riders for years.

Over 15 years ago we started promoting local motorcycle events, primarily charity rides and bike nights.  Then we started doing more concerts and local music nights.  This soon evolved into motorcycle rallies and then local motorcycle magazines.  Throughout all of this we sought to network and collaborate with good people within the community and industries we served.  Our team grew with the addition of radio folks, professional promoters, and tech guys that allowed us to develop unprecedented opportunities for local businesses – including our own!

It hasn’t always been a smooth road, especially these last few years.  They’ve been a challenge for most folks, undoubtedly.  But we’ve been able to endure and even grow through the commitment of our team, our sponsors, and of course our readers. 

Whether you follow us online, read our print editions, or just enjoy the videos – your support of us and our sponsors has allowed us to continue serving and supporting the local riding community.  Last year alone, we provided free advertising and promotional support to HUNDREDS of charitable organizations and non-profit events.  We helped raise HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to support folks in need through community events and organizations, many of which were struggling themselves.

We’re proud of all we’ve accomplished over the last several years as Reasons To Ride has continued to evolve.  For those that have ridden along with us on this wild ride – wait til you see what we have in store for you!  For those of you who are just now learning about us – I’d encourage you to like our Facebook pages, explore our websites, and of course read the magazines!

And if you have a business serving the riding community – or just looking to connect with thousands of great folks – please consider coming on as a sponsor or advertiser.  A basic Business Subscription is still just $20 a month!  And it’s only with the support of folks such as yourself that we can do all that we do.

Thank you.

Tyler Roberts

Reasons To Ride