Hearts On Fire!

Hearts On Fire!

And here we go….

Hearts on fire! We are rolling into our second month of the New Year and last month I talked about stepping into the Jesus challenge. Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. What if you did. What happens next? Where do you go from here? Is there a certain thing that you need to do?

You know by now after reading my articles that I am not a beat around the bush kind of person, so I will tell you straight up…you are gonna have to find a good place to park your tail and go to church. Yep…I said it…church. No, the ceiling will not fall on you when you walk in the door. Lightning will not flash, and the thunder will not roll. You do not have to give up your motorcycle and if you have long hair, you do not have to get a haircut! Hey…you can even wear your leathers…bugs and all! Trust me…that little gray-haired lady sitting in the pew has a burning desire to ask you for a ride someday…you are there for Jesus and she may be the very one to help show you the way!

You see, there are certain things you just can’t do on your own. You didn’t learn to walk on your own, you didn’t learn to talk on your own, or tie your shoes, ride a bicycle, drive a car, or ride a motorcycle on your own. Someone was there to show you the basics and from that point on you kept learning more about each one and got better and better with all of it, (well, hopefully, I mean with slip-ons, zippers, and Velcro there’s not much effort to put on shoes anymore!) Moving right along….

Every time we venture into something new, we need to have a little bit of guidance and instruction on it. In the God kind of life, it’s called discipleship. You can read about it in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Especially John. Jesus called the twelve men he chose at the beginning of his ministry and just simply said, ‘Follow Me’. They did. They weren’t anyone special, some fishermen, a tax collector, a winemaker, a zealot (radical biker basically), a lawyer, a doctor. Just your typical everyday life kind of guys. As they went with him, they learned. They listened to his teaching others, watched him do miracles, sat with him, ate with him, and mourned with him. And when they were ready, he sent them out to do what he did, and they all felt his presence with them. That is what he is doing today with us…sending us out to disciple others that choose to follow him.

I’m telling you…it’s not a bad deal. I rode one way for 23 years and then I ran out of road…When I asked for directions from the One I couldn’t see, He set me on the right road and for 25 years now I have ridden with Him with no regrets. The ceiling didn’t fall in on me either. As a matter of fact, I met Rex there…. I wasn’t even looking for that to happen. No regrets there either!

My friends, if you stepped into the challenge of change…know that it is a great place to start and a fine place to end the beginning of your story.

Bring it about, brothers and sisters…. Bring it about…

Mary G.