How clear is your heart?

How clear is your heart?

What would you be able to say about your life if someone said you only had four hours to live? Geez Louise, MG…way to start an article!!! Just get right down to the core and BOOM!

Well…ya’ll know I don’t beat around. So, what would you be able to say? Was it effective? Were you able to leave some kind of good legacy? Did you make an impact of any kind on someone that would make them a better person? Were you that guy or girl that people will look back and say, “Man, when they left, it definitely left a place that is hard to fill.”

I believe we all want to be that person who leaves a mark on someone’s life in a good way and not so much for our own selfish gain, but at least to say we were here. Because going through life without purpose or purposefully finding our place, is like walking dead. Pretty harsh, isn’t it? I know…but don’t shoot the messenger yet.

There was this guy you see, that actually was given four hours to live. He had been in a terrible accident and his liver was damaged. The doctor said it could go one way or another, depending on how much of the liver was cut. If 40% or less, the guy was going to be good, if more….not so much, and at this point, it wasn’t going in his favor. So, he asked, “How long do I have?” Answer…” Four hours.” So as the guy lay there on that hospital bed, he started thinking about his life. He was a Christian, already had given his life to the Lord so he wasn’t worried about dying. But what had he really done while here? Oh, he went to church, unless something else came up, Bible study every week, gave to charities more out of obligation than heart, helped people out now and then, like a robotic moving about…walking dead, thinking he’s alive, but what had he really done that made a mark on someone’s life? That’s right, even Christians have moments of imperfections and wonder. Not hypocritical, but human.

Turns out the guy lived, thank the Lord, and he ended up getting involved in a ministry that he is head of now, not CMA related, but he is making a mark on lives all over the US and beyond! Why? Because he rose out of the grave of the walking dead and became alive again! He came out and found the purpose he needed to move forward and leave a mark! And most likely a huge hole when his time on this earth is really over!

Listen, we are all here for a purpose, God didn’t put us here for nothing. If you feel like you haven’t found what your purpose is, if you are roaming around like the walking dead, if you know there is more out there for you and you sense that you have yet to leave a mark….then this is the second part of your 2023 challenge. Rise up out of that grave of the walking dead and become alive again! Forget what was and become what is….a life of purpose with a planner Who will point you in the direction He created you to go before you were even formed in your mother’s womb! (Jeremiah 1:5) You can count on Him!

All Righty Then…Jesus ‘n’ ME be seeing you in the Wind!

Mary G.

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