The cornerstone of everything we do is our motorcycle event listings.  While we spend a lot of time on the pretty pictures and the articles, it’s really all the events that bring people to ReasonsToRide!  When you boil it all down, motorcycles are a mode of transportation – and we are always looking for places to go… reasons to ride!  Even when we there’s a foot of snow outside and we can’t bring ourselves to ride the bikes – we still want to hang out with other riders.

And if you’re hosting an event – you want to get it listed here and connect with the more than 300,000 riders we reach every month!

It’s a pretty easy process and gets even easier once you’ve gone through it.  However, it may seem intimidating at first – so, we’ve decided to take it step by step here.  All these steps may seem like a lot listed here, but it’s really just “clicking here, clicking there”…. And once you’ve done it, you’ll fly through it the next time!

  • Get your information and materials together.  This would be all of the details on your event, including were, what and when.  If you have graphics, photos, and most importantly a flyer – you’ll want to have those available on your computer to upload as well when asked.
  • Go to or your state’s specific page, ie. or for example.  From this page you’ll want to select “Add Your Event”.  It’s located several different places on the page, including at the very top right or in the center of the main page.

This will then take you to a page that includes various options for listing your event(s) online.  These are primarily Basic Event Listings, Featured Event Listings, and Featured Event w/ Ride Registration.  Each of these options is listed with what they include underneath and the costs associated with each.

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If you’re with a CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION (501c3) or hosting a NON-PROFIT EVENT, we have special discounted rates for Events.  You can scroll down the page for these.  These discounts are subject to approval.

Once you select which option you want to go with, you want to click “List Your Event Now”.  This will take you to the form for your event.

If you have an account as an Event Organizer, you’ll want to sign in at the top of the page.  If you haven’t done this already – you’ll have a chance to register as an Organizer later in the form.

  • Now, just go through the form and enter the information for your event.  A few notes –
    • Event Type – go with the primary classification.  Most events will qualify for multiple, and you’ll have a chance to add more later.
    • Even Icon – this is your event flyer, if you have one.  If you do not, you can upload a photo from past event or a logo for your organization here.
    • Event Banner – this is for the space at the top of your event listing.  It’s a horizontal space, and you can use the “Event Header” image from your facebook event if you’d like.  Or you can use a photo of the event from past years or a logo here as well, if you’d like.  (This is reserved for Feature Events)
    • Event Description –  Include the basic detail on your event here.  Don’t repeat details such as date or times, that are listed elsewhere.  However, you can include KSU and Bike in times, if you’d like.  Basic Event Listings allow approx. 150 characters.  Feature listings allow approx. 300 in the magazine listings and unlimited online.
    • Event Dates / Times – you must fill in all of these.  Even if you don’t have an “end time” in mind, just give an approximation.  If it goes “all night” – or no end time in mind, just select 11:30PM.  This will keep the event on the one day and not show it on two.
  • Add Tickets / Rider Registration to your Event. This will allow online registration or ticket sales for your event.  There is information on this and all it has to offer on the website.  You can also email us for more information.  It’s really a great system, and we often have sponsors that will cover this for Non-Profits – so it’s NO COST to the host organizations or the causes they are raising funds for!  Email us at for more information on this.
  • Are you an Organizer?  If you haven’t already done this – select “Sign Up Now” to get yourself registered.  This will allow your events to be grouped together and for you to sign back in to make changes, etc..
  • Once you’ve entered all of your event information, you can preview the event listing and select other options for it.   Once you’ve reviewed what you’ve entered, completed you’ll be directed to PayPal to pay for your event listing.  We use PayPal to provide safe and secure, third party CC processing. 

Your event is then reviewed and approved by the system, it will be shown on the websites and come up in searches.  If you are in a region or state that has a partner publication, it may also be printed within the magazine – space allowing.  These Print placements are done as space allows and are subject to secondary approval by the magazine editors.  If you have a paid or feature placement, your event should appear in the magazine as long as it has been entered by the 15th of the month prior to it being held.  If you have a paid / feature placement, you can confirm this by emailing  Please include which state you are located in.

Again, it sounds complicated – but it’s really just a common sense process once you’ve gone through it.

Please note – that the earlier you get your listing up, the more people will see it!  So as soon as you get your date set and details worked out – post it up!