It’s a Beautiful Thing…

It’s a Beautiful Thing…

CMA September 2023

You know, one of my favorite times of the year is harvest time. The garden is putting forth its fruit and vegetables just waiting for the moment we can pluck them from their vines and enjoy a wonderful meal of freshness! Then, we get to either can or freeze them so amid the winter months, we can have that freshness all over again, reminding us of the goodness that comes with the fruit of our labor.

That’s much like it is when we introduce others to Jesus. We are the laborers in the field of life, looking for the harvest of souls that need a fresh new outlook on life. Oh, what great benefits come with that harvest! Not only do we get the honor of introducing others to our Savior, but we also get the privilege of enjoying a newfound friendship/family tie that will not ever be broken! How does that happen in just a few minutes of time? Because of the love of Jesus. He brings us together, gives us something to share and wa-la! The connection is made!

The cool part about all of that is that much like harvesting crops and putting them up for the winter, we get to pour into others the beautiful gift of the word of God so they can store up for those dry and dormant times that the never ceasing enemy uses to make us think we have nothing. That’s when we can reach into the ‘storage room’ of our hearts and say, ‘Not today devil…I have food you know not of!’ Pretty cool, huh? Here’s the best part…

Because Jesus said He would never leave nor forsake us, we are assured that He is always on the ready to help us through the tough times. We won’t starve for truth because His truth is in us, we won’t lack for anything because His supply is never ending, and we won’t die because He promises life everlasting! I could go on, but I think you get it. Plant, water, grow, harvest, store. It’s a 5-step plan…and since 5 is the number of grace, His grace is sufficient to help us follow through!! Can I get an amen on that one?

Let me tell you what we have been doing lately and why…

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CMA is an evangelistic outreach ministry that is primarily, but not exclusively serving the motorcycling community. Our vision is ‘Changing the world, one heart at a time.’ And we accomplish this vision through a servant’s attitude, thus we love to be ‘Here when you need us.’ We equip our members with ministry training that aligns itself with Biblical truths. We have one fundraiser a year, Run for the Son, in which we partner with ministries with world reaching potential. Our mission is to inspire our leaders and members to be the most organized, advanced, equipped, financially stable organization, full of integrity in the motorcycling industry and the Kingdom of God.

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CMA has been wherever you are this year…Ohio Bike Week, Laconia, Americade, Sturgis, Daytona, many Biker/bike blessings, the Rodeo, AMA Vintage Days, Flat Track races, community events, you name it, we have made it a point to be there for you! Didn’t see us? Well, just start looking for the EZ up that has our logo on it for all to see, or a CMA feather flag. We are here for you! Just stop by the booth and say hi, we don’t bite…pick up a rag tract (best little tool for your bike!) Come and join us at the Union County Fairgrounds in Marysville, September 15th-16th-17th when we are having our Ohio State Rally. Camping available, great rides, and a Saturday afternoon ‘Carnival’ with Reverse Baseball and a cookout to wrap it up! That fun starts at 2pm! Bring your family too!

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Hopefully we will see you around soon, if not at an event, definitely in the Wind!

Mary G.

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