Letter from the Publisher

Letter from the Publisher

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With this edition, we are proud to kick off several new initiatives and partners to start the year. 

One of the hardest things about this business is staying focused on who we really are – and that’s especially challenging in an industry and community where people are constantly trying to re-invent themselves and possibly not even be aware of who they actually are the first place.  

As I’ve shared in the past – one of the worst myth’s about our community is that we are made up of scary folks that hate the world.  The black leathers and tattoos may confuse some that are looking in from the outside, but it takes only a few minutes to dispel those falsehoods.  We are a community of passionate folks that aren’t afraid to take a stand for what they believe in.  We are a community with far more motorcycle ministries than “bad guys” – and 98% of the riders find themselves with a blend of both interests, but we often all ride together for the good of a child in need or to support our veterans. 

That’s what we do – we come together and support each other and those in need.  That who we are, but we could probably do a better job of sharing that aspect and what specific works we are doing.  I’ve NEVER believed in making a big deal about all the charity work we do or how many causes we sponsor throughout the year – and that’s fueled misunderstandings and supported misperceptions that might exist.  It’s also failed to recognize a lot of great people that have spent years – in many cases – working tirelessly to host rides, organize events, and do the little things that make all the difference to those in need. 

So with this issue, we are introducing a new “Outreach” feature – covering some of the charitable groups we are working with and the accomplishments we’ve achieved.  You’ll find it on page XX in this edition.  In it, we talk about some of the recent fundraisers we’ve helped support and a few upcoming events and campaigns.  We will share opportunities for you to contribute – and even jump in the trenches and get your “hands dirty” if you’d like.  That’s really the goal – to encourage more to get out and support these causes, and possibly even better – to get involved!  As always, we encourage everyone to saddle up and join us for the ride! 

We are also proud to introduce a new Presenting Sponsor this year – Erskine Law.  A dedicated law firm that serves as counsel to Fortune 500 companies because of the experience and integrity they offer.  They have represented some of the largest corporations in the country – while remaining just as committed to the small business clients and individuals that have retained them.  For those injured in a motorcycle accident, motor vehicle accident or even a slip and fall, Erskine Law  is committed to meeting your needs from start to finish. 

While not a “motorcycle law firm” – they are a prestigious firm that’s committed to serving the motorcycle community and our efforts to support those making a difference.  If you find yourself in need of an attorney – your first concern shouldn’t be what that attorney rides, it should be to find an experienced attorney with the resources of a solid firm behind them.  You want a firm with riders, and an understanding of our community and our needs.  You want someone that is going to be committed to meeting those needs and protecting your rights.  We are proud to represent Erskine Law in this regard.  www.ErskineLaw.com 

It’s through the support of sponsors such as Erskine Law and Progressive Insurance, as well as our local network of dealerships and businesses such as Iron Pony, South East Harley-Davidson, and Arsenal Harley-Davidson – to name a few – that we are able to do the work we do.  Yes, it’s how we support our families – but we also help support local riding communities throughout our region as well. 

And we couldn’t do any of it – without all of you.  Thank you – and BEST WISHES for a safe and successful 2024! 


Derek A Smith 

Publisher / CEO