Not Politically Correct

Not Politically Correct

By: Earl Lackie

My Fellow Patriots and Riders,

Well I did it; I will be on the Ballot in August running for Michigan House in the new 99th District. My biggest opponent is a State Trooper, of course he has a perfect record and he was on all the committee’s and there’s nothing wrong with that. He also has a Trump endorsement and to that I say I’m sorry. The only endorsement I am looking for is from the people. The Trump endorsement right now in Michigan does not really mean anything you can buy one from the dirty GOP. Even though I like Trump and would like to see him in office again I have not met him, talked to him or had any interaction with him and President Trump can’t vote for me or anyone else in Michigan. I am asking for the people’s vote because they are who I will be working for. I am a very big supporter of the second amendment and will continue to do so. 

Our Education system is a shamble Common Core must go along with CRT. The mental health system in this state is severely lacking and now that we are finding more and more cities with lead pipes, it’s getting worse just like our PFAS problem in Oscoda. The water contamination has gone from Wurtsmith AFB to Lake Huron. The residents have been asking and fighting for the last 14 years to get the DOD to clean up their own mess and still nothing! I have noticed that ABATE, MCOC and MRF are supporting other candidates. I do hope they support me, because I actually ride (over 50 years). The last insurance laws that were passed put the screws to us riders and yes that NEEDS to change. I would also like to see anti-profiling laws here in Michigan. We need to think down the road, not only as we ride, but what are we going to leave our children and grandchildren. “You Get What You Pay For” Like our road repairs the state generally uses the lowest bidder and within a few years that same road has to be repaired. It’s time we set new higher standards for what we want and need and STOP using the “Lowest Bidder”. As for holding office nobody’s perfect and we all make mistakes, but in my 63 years I have a more diversified background to draw from than any other candidate. So my life experience gives me the ability to understand what the voter’s really want, because I can relate to their needs.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”.  -Dr. Martin Luther King

Be Safe and God Bless

earl lackie

Earl Lackie