By: Earl Lackie

My Fellow Patriots and Riders, Our Highest Court Appointment.

While watching the Senate argue the confirmation of Judge Jackson I find it interesting that most Senators are not looking or willing to look at the opposite sides questions and the Judge’s answers.

Right and Wrong, President Biden said he would appoint a black female judge and did so. Which now leads me to believe the Democrats don’t care about Right and Wrong they only care about themselves and getting votes? I feel sad that our Supreme Court nominations have become a popularity contest and not about who is the most qualified or best candidate black or white, regardless of race. To my understanding, there were others more qualified but not considered because they were not black or female.

So alas our political system is failing us by those in charge who make appointments based on what’s popular at the moment. Their inability to see down the road like the next generation is what scares me about politicians.

I consider myself a Statesman not a politician. What’s the difference you ask? I’m glad you asked! “A politician only looks forward to the next election; A Statesman looks forward to the next Generation “. Elections Matter!  Keep an eye out for my name. I have been doing this for the last 7 years and I am NOT ready to stop now. Being born and raised in Michigan We Can make our State GREAT AGAIN, first we need to elect LEADERS not Dictators.

” If your actions inspire others to Dream More, Learn More, Do More and Become More, you ARE A LEADER ”  John Quincy Adams.

As always be Safe and God Bless

Earl Lackie