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As we head into July we find ourselves hitting the heart of the summer riding season.  People are hitting the road on their bikes, the lakes with their boats, and the trails with their ATV’s and SxS’s.  And for us, we are hitting the road with our event trailers for our first hosted events of the season in Michigan.

While we promote, cover, and even help out with countless rides, rallies, and other events all year – these ones represent the crew hosting our signature events with our partners.

On Wednesday, July 6th, we will head to ARSENAL HARLEY-DAVIDSON in Waterford for the IRON & INK BIKE NIGHT TATTOO PARTY! 

The Iron & Ink Tattoo Parties are fun events where people have a chance to show off their tattoos and share a little about their meaning and experience – if they want to.  For those without tattoos or thinking of getting one, it’s a chance to see the work of artists from throughout the area and see what their clients think.  In many cases, the actual artists are on hand as well to talk about their work and maybe hear your ideas about your next piece.

6thwhat others have gotten.

And then, there’s an informal voting process where people vote for their favorite pieces in different categories such as Black and Gray, Color, Back, and even Military or Patriotic Tattoos.  Trophies and awards are also given out for BEST PIECE and BEST OVERALL CANVAS.  And if the artists are on site, they also can win trophies when their clients do!  It’s all really informal and laid back – and folks just have a great time. 

There’s also live music from KICKIN’ ROCKS, food trucks, and even ice cold beverages served.  There are RAFFLES and DOOR PRIZES as well!  You can even win $500 just for voting for your favorite tattoos!  For more information visit our facebook page –  You can register in advance at – and get a FREE Iron & Ink T-Shirt if you’re one of the first 30 to do so!

If you’re an artist or have a studio – we’d invite you to come out and join the party.  If you come out with the magazine, we can get you set up and even arrange that all your clients are sponsored – FREE OF CHARGE!  For more information on this, just email us at Championship Bike Show Series

Then we head up 75 to Vehicle City Harley-Davidson for our first Michigan stop on the Championship Bike Show Series.  This is an informal ride in Bike Show that welcomes all bikes, all makes, and all models.  This isn’t a museum like showing of trailer queens, this is a chance for folks to show off their rides or garage projects.  We want to see them all!

We will be awarding TROPHIES and PLACARDS to the bikes getting the most votes from those attending and our designated judges.  There will be music, food, and beverages for everyone.

We encourage everyone to register in advance for the Bike Show as well.  You can reserve your space, get a discount, and even get a FREE T-Shirt as well!  How cool is that?!

Both events are fund raisers for our WARRIOR FUND, through which we help support local riding organizations and events aimed at making a difference in the community. 


ARSENAL HARLEY-DAVIDSON Wednesday, July 6th 5p-8p



Friday, July 22nd 6-9p

You can register for both events at

ATTENTION RIDING ORGANIZATIONS and VENDORS – We’d love to have you come out and join us at various events throughout the year.  In many cases, we have special THUNDER ZONES set up – for vendors and local riding organizations to set up.  This includes BIKE NIGHTS in Michigan, Rallies in Ohio, and so much more! 

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES for those interested in coming out to the EASYRIDER RODEO in FOWLERVILLE, August 19-21.  We will have a special THUNDER ZONE AREA and TATTOO AREAS for artists and studios interested in coming out.  Email us at for more information.

We’ve teamed up with to kick our digital presence up to a whole new level.  While everyone love to hold the magazine and feel the pages in your hands – there are still a lot of cool things that you can do while online.  And our new digital edition offers more interactive features than ever before!

You can click through on your favorite ads to see facebook pages and websites for the ride stops and events.  You can register for rides, bike shows, get concert tickets, and even post up your own events right on our own website!  They will show up there online – and in the pages of this magazine (if time and space allow).

Check it out and let us know what you think!  You can email me directly at