Riding With Brendan

Riding With Brendan

February 2023

I was certain I would be bored out of my mind at this point of the winter. While, I do miss riding, especially with the winter being exceptionally mild thus far in the Greater Lansing area, surprisingly I am doing as many or maybe even MORE events and functions than during the riding season. I have seen most of my good friends from my riding adventures and met many new ones that I look forward to riding with this year! I have been making my rounds to clubhouses as often as I can, recording podcast episodes all over the state, going to winter and charity events put on by clubs and independents and learning about or being invited to a million other gatherings.

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  I have been amazed at the rate my calendar filled up this year. It kind of happened in a flash. All of a sudden I am doing this ride that ride and every event I can fit in-between. Support for Reasons to Ride Magazine has skyrocketed and we definitely feel and appreciate all of your love and support! The launching of “Riding with Brendan Podcast” has been a hit as well! RtR is either sponsoring or having a major presence at almost every big rally in the state (more announced soon).  I am REALLY looking forward to all the things going on this year. Riding season is soooo close yet seems so far at the same time. I am kicking things off with Daytona Bike Week in March, give a shout out on Facebook if you’re going down, it would be great to meet up with some Michiganders/Ohioans while we are down there, swap some stories and have a beverage. If any of you have events or rides or ANYTHING, you want to see us, come out to reach out if you’re looking for outings to kill time until it’s time to get the bike out go online to reasonstoride.com and find some awesome things going on even in the colder months. Being in the community sharing our passion is what this is all about. Until next time.